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【#教師隨筆】角色扮演 享受學習英語

"Learning English in an interesting way" By Mother Goose

“Let’s sing and dance” 我仍然記得和Sonia一起聽Mother Goose Rhymes,又唱又跳的快樂時光。 “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall” Sonia抱着玩偶 Mother Goose開心地唱着,雖然她未必全然明白歌詞內容,但她真實地在說着英語,而且感到十分有趣。Songs and rhymes 是幼兒學習英語的最好工具。或許大家忘記了Mother Goose Rhymes,但總會記得ABC,“Now I know my ABC, next time won’t you sing with me” 。



  1. First, draw a long yellow face with brown fur.

  2. Second, draw two black eyes and a big black nose.

  3. Then, draw a big mouth with whiskers and sharp teeth.

  4. At last, cut the figure out and put it on your face as a mask.

當小孩子們把面具戴上,他們就興致勃勃地扮演小猪三兄弟和大豺狼, 同學們也興奮地讀故事旁白。“One day, a hungry wolf came to the village,” the whole class speaks out loud. John, the wolf says, “I am hungry. I want to eat all of you.” Ben, the eldest pig says, “My house is made of stones. You can’t eat me.”


笑聲、互動和創意充滿整個課室。小孩子回家或許未能100%用英語交代故事,但他們會記得讀過的生字如 pink, brown, black, eyes, nose, pig and wolf,又或是sentences like “I am a big bad wolf. I want to eat you.” 角色扮演除了增強小孩子的自信心,最重要是他們十分享受學習英語的過程。


在小孩子的學習過程中,父母的陪伴是成功的關鍵。父母投入學習,小孩子才會投入。Start a conversation using puppets, sing a song while bathing or read a story book before going to bed. Learning English is easy and fun to both adults and kids.

“Mum, let’s read A Midsummer Night’s Dream ,” Sonia 興奮地說。她是英文話劇團團員,今年將演出莎士比亞的「仲夏夜之夢」。

大眾教室 電話:2942 6599 / 5599 2038 (WhatsApp查詢熱線) 電郵 網址:



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